Who Am I?
Hey! I'm Kim and I'm social media savvy during the day and a regular mum at night! I have a proven track record of helping brands build a strong presence across Facebook and Instagram. I understand how overwhelming and frustrating social media can be as business owners try and use it to improve and grow their business, whether it is online business or not. Driven by passion, I take pride in providing the best customer care possible.

I work with busy business owners who struggle to grow their business on social media and create excitement and engagement on their chosen platforms. I have worked with several established online businesses, including Creative Women’s Mastermind, Magnificent Munchers and Steer Your Business Port!

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Where I Came From
Due to depression and anxiety after having my daughter I felt the only way for me to be able to earn an income at the time was joining a MLM company and run it through Social Media, which I did for 5 years. 

But I felt overwhelmed with all the 'right' ways to post, it was all about when to post, what to post, how do I get engagement. Off I went for a google search into it... wow.. I was smacked in the face by a million and one pieces of information! So, I signed up for the lot but over the course of a month I had spent a lot of money and a lot of time researching the same information over and over... which mainly consisted of 'buy followers'! Plus, I got spammed constantly! 

With all honesty, I didn't have the time to be posting and networking at these times, never-mind collecting engaging content and gaining authentic followers... who were actually INTERESTED in my business, after all, I had a business to run!

Fast forward, I decided to study specific areas of marketing and use my skills that I learnt and give other business owners their freedom back and still earn a profitable business without the need of constantly being on Social media. Therefore, Designed To Network was born.

What have I been up to?
This is the part where I am supposed to quietly tell you how well I've done, But I believe that celebrating your wins is important because it helps with: confidence, positive thinking and building momentum! So I will stack them proudly as I have sweated and cried over these successes. 

❤️️ Been recognised by Rachel Pedersen (Founder of Social Media United) for my growth and been accepted into The Social Clique (Invitation only) 

❤️ Spoke at a MIBA (Mum's In Business Association) event in regards to using social media for business

❤️️ Featured on Influencive first page, not once, but twice! 

❤️ Spoke at a global, virtual summit in regards to my FB group expertise

❤️️ Been interviewed by Creative Women’s Mastermind and featured on their blog!

❤️️ Kept Facebook pages and groups engaged so my clients don't have to worry about their social media falling apart in their absence 

❤️️ Been interviewed by The Wild Woman Business Hub in regards to my Facebook groups expertise!

❤️ I helped save 40 hours of work with one client!

❤️ Helped create an opt-in idea which converted into a client build her first-ever email list

❤️️ Been featured on Everyday She's Sparkling guest blog 

❤️ Helped a client put a strategy in place that resulted in her first-ever sales

❤️️ Grown a client's Facebook group resulting in an increase of sales

❤️️ Grown a client's Facebook group by 218% within 2 months, all through organic networking.

❤️️ Boosted a client’s dead FB page engagement by 98% in 2 months

❤️ I helped a client go from 0 - 463% in engagement and member growth through a Facebook group!

❤️ I grew a FB group from 0 to 215 active members through organic networking, resulting in increasing engagement by over 20k%

❤️ I grew a client's Mastermind Facebook group 100% within 20 days, all through organic networking

❤️ A clients FB page doubled in followers and engagement with my organic strategies. 

❤️ Increased a clients FB group engagement by 383% which resulted in an increase of sales 

❤️️ Grew an IG page from a different industry by 30% 

❤️️ Optimised a client's Instagram bio which resulted in increased website clicks and 91% growth 

❤️️ Grown an Instagram page for a client within the same industry by 92%, all organic in less than 4 weeks! 

❤️ Grew a new Instagram page from 27 members to 250 using organic marketing in 3 weeks

❤️ I grew a client's LinkedIn network from 80 - 500, authentically through networking.

My Community
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Social Media Services 

Including but not limited to!

Social Media Audit

A thorough check for optimisation is done on one or more of your social media channels. Through an audit, recommendations are then given for what is working, and what is not. Changes are then suggested for how to better increase your presence. This allows you to decide if your business is in need of a Social Media Strategist.
Social Media Strategy

A social media strategy is a detailed breakdown for the needs of your businesses online presence. This can be a strategy for a launch of a product or service, or it can be a comprehensive strategy for ongoing growth and engagement. This is designed for the business that needs more guidance on how best to handle their social media presence.
Social Media Management

Once you have a strategy in place, it’s time to implement it. Social media management takes care of the day to day creation, posting and engagement of your social media profiles. This is a perfect option for businesses that need an online presence but do not have the time or energy to devote to creating and engaging with your followers.
Community Management and Engagement

When you build a strong connection through engagement with your audience, they are more likely to buy from you. We will help you increase engagement (likes, comments, etc.) on your social media posts. The more engagement you have, the stronger your connection is with your audience.

Our Process


Choose the package you’re looking for after having a chat with one of our experts.

We’ll schedule a launch call to go over your social media marketing needs, how we’ll help, and answer any of your questions! We’ll send over a final proposal and invoice to get started.

Once you’ve said yes to working with us, we’ll send over an onboarding questionnaire so we can get to know your brand!

Now we get to work. This is where the fun begins! We’ll plan out the marketing strategy for your business based on your target audience, package, and overall marketing strategy.

Before we implement any of the strategy, we’ll share it with you! We’re firm believers of collaboration!

We’ll put our strategies into place, monitor, and adjust as necessary over the coming months!
What Do Others Say?
How Do Businesses Thrive While Working From Home?

✅ Are you looking to launch your products or services to your community?
✅ Are you wanting to streamline your business processes to save you time?
✅ Are you interested in ramping up free/paid traffic to your offers?
✅ Are you looking at taking your offline business online?
✅ Are you thinking about creating content that HITS every time with your market?
✅ Are you ready to start selling to your audience in a non-spammy way?

32 of the most amazing digital marketers have come together and created an EPIC bundle of trainings just for you! 

We're revealing the proven strategies, tools and tactics you can use to THRIVE in your business and we've bundled them all together for you!

Disclaimer: I am an independent Thriving Business Owner Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from Thriving Business Owner Affiliate Program. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of SMU or its parent company, RBP Productions.


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I'm social media savvy during the day and a regular tired mum at night! I have a proven track record of helping brands build a strong presence across Social Media!
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