3 Ways To Avoid Burnout When Running Your Own Facebook Group!

If you run a free facebook group, chances are that you have become really annoyed at one or all of your members at some time! I’m here to tell you… you are completely normal! It doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you and it doesn’t mean you’re going crazy! 

I’ve worked with several facebook group hosts and all of them have struggled with feeling annoyed or even resentful towards certain members. And it generally just means that you are not looking after yourself as much as you should. So… Here are 3 ways you can avoid burnout as a host!

💚 First!

As much as you think you can, you can not save everyone. We love helping people but as your group grows you’ll realise this more and more. As a free facebook host, your job is to aid discussion, not solve every person's individual problem. 

Instead of answering the same question over and over, answer questions on a facebook live and refer people to it if it pops up again. The whole point of having a facebook group is to be able to serve many…. Not serve everyone on a one to one basis.

💚 Second!

If someone in your group is creating havoc and not following the rules, delete and block. You need to remove them from the group, it’s not your job to personally message everyone explaining why they have been removed. 

I understand we need to be kind but your rules are there for a reason! And If your gut tells you someone is breaking a rule… they probably are! Respect your time and everyone else's to. 

💚 Third!

Let people know how you want to be treated. If you feel annoyed at certain members because you find that they're expecting you to work for free…. It's time to take some personal responsibility. What have you done to encourage this behaviour? Are you spending hours every day in the group helping EVERYONE solve a specific problem? Are you responding to every single private message that someone sends you? 

You have to set firm boundaries in your group. Think about what you will and won't do. Once you set a boundary you need to enforce it. The rest of your group is depending on you to take care of YOU… only then will you better serve the whole group. They shouldn’t have to suffer just because you can’t say no to one person. 

Remember it’s totally normal to feel this way, there is no need to be ashamed, just take action. If this was of value to you, click here to learn more about how social media can help your business 👇👇👇

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